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CNN Student News
Benzie Record Patriot
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Lansing State Journal

CNN News
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 Map Quizzes:   In order to pass each quiz, you need to score at least 90% on the test level (not practice level).

1.  World - Continents & Oceans
2.  USA - States
3.  Canada - Provinces and Territories
4.  Central America - Countries

5.  South America - Countries
6.  Europe - Countries
7.  Asia - Middle Eastern Countries

8.   Asia - Central & Eastern Countries
9     Caribbean Islands
10.  Africa - Countries
11.  USA - State Capitols  
12.  USA - Rivers
13.  South America - Rivers & Lakes
14.  Europe - Bodies of Water
15.  Middle East - Bodies of Water
16.  Africa - Rivers & Lakes
17.  Oceana - Countries

Map Games - Another way to help you learn the tougher regions.
Map Super-Quiz - When you think you know it all...


Seven Days of Food

Amazon Rainforest Webquest

South America grid map

History of the World: Every Year

Timeline of Ancient Civilizations

Imperial History of the Middle East

The difference between Santeria and Voodoo

Canadian Mystery Quests

Statistics Canada

EarthGuide Latitude/Longitude Practice

International Pizza Delivery game (latitude and longitude)

Ellis Island Webquest

Deconstructing History: Ellis Island

Deconstructing History: The Statue of Liberty

Latitude/Longitude Finder

South America Poster Project

Journey into Amazonia videos

Comparison of Maya, Inca & Aztecs

Maya, Inca, Aztec links page
Webquest worksheet
Venn Diagram

Panama Canal

Map Exercise

Essay Grading Rubric

Caribbean Readings

History of the World in 2 Hours

Journey to a New Land - Web activity that describes how North America became populated.

Journey of Mankind - Animated map/timeline showing the spread of humans out of Africa.  Compare this timeline to "Journey to a New Land" above.  Why does it show humans reaching North America so early? 

Old World Map

Old Map Video

California, Here We Come!
Fuel prices by state
Hotel search

Climate Change

America's Most Endangered Rivers

Ancient Egypt Webquest

Bibliography format for a BOOK

additional links for webquest:



God Grew Tired of Us - A movie about the "lost boys" of Sudan

The Springer Household

Types of Maps

Constitution Day:     Naturalization Test          Activities

One Week of Food

Dig Into History - Mesopotamia 

Mesopotamia - Farming Simulation

Interactive Map Quizzes

A Sailor's Life For Me - A nautical experience!

Latitude & Longitude Treasure Hunt

Latitude & Longitude Game

CIA Factbook

Fair Trade

Study Stack

Caribbean Nation Facts 


My Canada - A little ditty written by Mrs. Micinski to help you remember the Canadian Provinces

EarthPulse Maps

Guatemalan weaving

The Sport of Life and Death

Buried Mirror - Mesoamerica and the Maya world

Buffalo Hide - Explore the story told by this Native American artifact.